The inherent natural beauty of solid hardwood flooring is unrivaled. It has the characteristics to enhance any room with warmth and character in a variety of decor. Hardwood flooring is an exceptionally durable product that can easily stand up to the test of daily wear and requires very minimal care. Additionally, it is a design element that adds true value to the home and is one of the best investments a homeowner can make.

Prefinished floors have become a more popular choice in today’s marketplace and are known for their strength and uniform finish. With a greater scratch resistant surface than traditional hardwoods, prefinished floors are a better option for families and pet friendly homes. Prefinished floors require less time to install because there is no sanding and finishing involved as this has been previously done in the manufacturing process. This is a great product choice for renovations or projects with constricted time frames because it can be installed quickly and walked on more quickly than unfinished floors.

Unfinished floors are the traditional standard in solid hardwood flooring. There are no bevels because the floor will be sanded smooth before finished. This provides a smooth, classic and overall seamless look. There are a greater number of choices for widths, grades and species with unfinished floors, in additional to an endless number or stains and finishes available making this a unique product.

Engineered flooring has gained in popularity in recent years as an alternative to solid hardwood flooring. It possesses many of the hallmarks of solid hardwood flooring, while providing for a more efficient installation process as it is constructed of a real hardwood surface combined with multi-layer plywood. Aesthetically, it is difficult to discern the difference between the solid hardwoods and engineered flooring with an untrained eye making it an increasingly sought after option by both homeowners and builders.

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